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The intrinsic motivation to help people on their way and orientation in life has always been my heart's desire. At the age of 4, I wondered if everyone had a skill that no one could do better than themselves.


At the age of 10 I attended my first seminar with a mental coach and at the age of 12 I met a grandmaster from China who taught me many wisdoms and mindfulness exercises. At the age of 17, I completed training as a mental coach.


After graduating from school, I studied Music Production & Management in Vienna and at the same time deepened my training as a mental coach. I began to conduct my first counseling sessions and quickly realized that my keen perception was an advantage in helping people in my environment and beyond in counseling sessions in a sustainable way.


Thus, I am currently consulting people to learn how they think in general and under pressure through a special analysis tool. By the results they can lead effectively, still better relations with their fellow men. In addition, I pass on my collected holistic, spiritual knowledge to people in the form of stage performances and free online sessions.



I clarify following questions with my clients on a daily basis:

-How do I use powerful and effective knowledge to win over my employees, colleagues or superiors?

- How do I follow my heart's voice more and really implement my heart's desires?

- How do I present myself with confidence and stand up for my desired results? 

My clients are people who are open for old and new wisdom and who wants to realize or realize their professional passion. They may have been established in their job for several years or decades, or just finding themselves in new areas. 

The sooner you live your personal WHY on all levels, the sooner you achieve personal joy with ease!




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